Monday, June 13, 2016

New Members at Zion Methodist

Our little Zion Methodist Church in Puerto Cortes had membership Sunday on March 20th, I have two churches named Zion.  We had two baptisms and twelve new members join the church.  Keep these new members in your prayers and that Zion will grow.   

Ideas for This Coming Sunday

For my ministry friends I found some very helpful Worship Prep elements on Ministry Matters.   Worship Elements: June 19, 2016

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Democratization of Religion

Thirty years ago when I was in university, religious information was contained in books, commentaries, study bibles, sermon books, lexicons, encyclopedias, and scholarly journals.  Things that were out of my reach economically and could be found only in the seminary and university libraries.  These books, were like treasure chests of faith knowledge to me and I went to the sacred halls of institutions to read them. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Digital Life

I find it odd that there are people who are terrified that other people in the world will know the details of their lives. This fear causes some people to be so frightened that they stay off of the internet.

I have lived the last few years on a small island in the Caribbean where everyone knows everything about each other. Island life is like small town life everywhere in the world, your neighbors know you. People who live in cities have similar experiences but because of the numbers of people in the community apathy separates individuals from carrying about what the individual does.

My life is very digital. If you want to find me at any moment add me to your Google Latitude and you can see where I am. If you want to see my calendar go to my Google+ profile and click on About and then MY Calendar. Chat with me on Google Talk, it goes on and on.

As a minister I have two questions for those who are obsessed with privacy.

1) What are you doing or where are you going that you are ashamed of people knowing?

2) Why are you doing those things?

Even with a digital life the truth is God does not need to look at a GPS reading to know where we are at or what we are doing. God sees us always!
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Friday, January 30, 2009

“Why Go Back?”

When I was in the U.S. this pass December recovering from my broken wrists I was asked by several people “why are you going back?”.   I have thought about this a lot, and the answer is simply because I am called to be in Honduras.  A calling is a funny thing, it is something that catches you and holds you.  It is something you cannot easily run away from, see Jonah for consequences from running away. 

The truth is a robbery could have happened to me on the streets of Tampa, or Atlanta, or Jacksonville as easily as it did on the streets of La Ceiba, Honduras.  Even as I experienced the terror of the robbery I felt God’s presence, he saved my life, the pistol did not fire.  The shopkeeper and the security guard rescued me as God’s angles guarded me.  God is Good!

This afternoon I am sitting on my porch listening to the sounds of the village I live in.  Down by the stream women are washing clothes and hanging them on a line that is stretched between two trees.  Just beyond the stream the boys are playing soccer, yelling and arguing if the ball is in or out in Creole and Spanish.  Two puppies from my dog, Gabby, are sleeping beneath my table and I am preparing my sermon for Sunday.

Perhaps someday God will call me elsewhere but for now there is a sermon to write.

Rev. Robert Wood
Gibson Bite, Roatan, Honduras

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Impact For Living, A Conference For Men

On February 13th – 14th I will be joining Tony Dungy, former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts and James Brown of The NFL Today on CBS at the Impact For Living, A Conference For Men.  The goal of the conference is to encourage men to live a life of world changing impact.

The conference is being held in Tampa, FL and  the cost is only $45.  I want to encourage all the men that support my ministry to attend.  I will be sharing about my life and our ministries with those that attend the conference.

If you are a woman and are receiving this email, encourage the man in your life to attend as a Valentine gift to you, I am sure it will change his life.

To learn more and to sign up for the event go to .

Rev. Robert Wood
Gibson Bite, Roaton,Honduras

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More About My Adventure

Yes, I have had an adventure over the last seven weeks, I was injured running from robbers on the streets of La Ceiba, Honduras the day after Thanksgiving. I was walking on the street early in the morning looking for breakfast when two guys on a motorcycle grabbed me and put a pistol to my chest. I jerked away and ran towards a small store yelling "Bandits, Bandits!" in Spanish of course. as I ran I fell on my wrists breaking both of them. A man that worked at the store dragged me in the store, hid me behind the counter, locked the door and turned off the lights. After the bad guys left he took me to the hospital.

I had surgery that night by a Cuban doctor who did the best he could the save my hands, his goal was to stabilize them so they blood would keep going through them. Of course the operating room was nothing like you would see in the U.S., open windows and bugs flying around. I stayed in the hospital in Honduras for five days and then my father came and took me to the U.S.
In the U.S. I went to Gainesville to the Shands Hand Center and was seen by a Dr. Chesney. he is considered one of the top in the field. I asked him to tell me how many places was the wrist broken, he said that the left was broken in four places and that he could not count the number of places the right one was broken, it was shattered and fragmented. The surgery done in Honduras on the left hand had been successful except that one of the screws used was too long and is going through the bone and into the joint. He also said that surgery was mandatory on the right hand if I was going to be able to use it in the future. Four days later I had surgery.
Since the surgery I had a lot of painful time of therapy and recovery. I have had to learn to move my fingers again, and I am trying to bend my wrists. Things are not going as well or as quickly as I would like. My parents took great care of me during this ordeal, and I thank God I have godly, loving parents. My Mother was caring for me as she was undergoing Chemotherapy herself.

On January 15th I returned to Honduras for a few weeks of being with my people, my churches have not had a service since I was injured and they were very concerned and need to see me. My cousin, Dawn, God Bless her, accompanied me on the trip and has helped me continue my therapy.

I will be returning to the U.S. on February 11th, I have been invited to speak at leadership conference that Tony Dungy is doing in Tampa and following that I will be having further surgery on my hands.
Please keep me in your prayers!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Broken Wrists

The morning of Friday November 28th, I was walking on a street in La Ceiba, Honduras looking for some breakfast. I had gone to La Ceiba for a medical check-up the day before and was to return to the doctor that afternoon for the results of those standard blood test people over 45 have to get. As I walked a few yards from my hotel two men on a motorcycle grabbed me by the shirt, and one put a pistol to my chest and said "Money" I jerked away quickly and ran like a scared rabbit. I ran for a small store yelling "Bandits" in Spanish and as I was approaching the door I tripped and fell breaking both wrists. I was pulled into the store by the shopkeeper and hid behind the counter till the bandits left. I was taken by taxi by the shopkeeper to a local hospital where that night I had surgery.
I spent 5 days in the hospital.  My father came to La Ceiba and helped me to fly to the U.S. for further treatment.

I saw a hand specialist at the University of Florida who said the doctors in Honduras did the best they could but that I would need more surgery to use my hand. I will be having another operation this coming Thursday, Dec 11, to try to put together my shattered right wrist.

I am currently staying at my parents outside of Ocala, Florida.

Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 2008 Newsletter:


Two Tropical Depressions in One Month!

It has been a difficult month for the people of Honduras. Over the last four weeks there have been two Tropical Depressions which have caused severe flooding for the coast damaging approximately 80% of the roads and many of the major bridges that connect the cities of Honduras. The flooding has displaced as many as 250,000 people on the coast. On our island of Roatan we had some landslides and road damage but no deaths due to the storm. The storms did affect the economy of the country and our island, cheap food has become scarce and prices have risen even for the basic food source, rice and beans.


Power Problems

Roatan has had additional problems, our Electric Company sent out bills in October that were about 80% above normal. With the other economic pressures people were very frustrated and started street protests. To give you some idea of the cost, one of the members of our church a 71 year old widow who lives in a small house with four light bulbs, a radio, a fan and a refrigerator, received a bill for the month of $139. The protesters blocked roads for much of the month which caused the Cruise ships to start to skip their port call at Roatan. This, in turn, affected the economy as many people work in tourist related businesses. The owners of the Electricity Company turned the power off for 40 hours and are continuing to turn it on and off, even after the President of Honduras has stated that the problem must be solved in the next two weeks or the government will take over the company. Pray that peace is preserved.


Street closed by people in protest of Electric Company.

Ministry Retreat

On October 26th, we had a retreat for all those interested in training for the ministry. Fifteen people came and explored their “Call” for ministry. This will be the base for our students that will attend the Training Center starting in January. Praise God for placing on these individuals the desire to train for ministry! God is a God of Multiplication!


Funeral for a Mayoral Candidate

In the midst of all this turmoil Elkin Woods, who had attended our church in Coxen Hole, was murdered on the street below the church. Elkin was a leader in the community and was running for Mayor. He was shot by another man on the street who disagreed with Elkin's views. Elkin was always concerned about the good of the people and especially the poor. I had worked with him on our project to minister to the street children of Coxen Hole. It was raining on the day we held his funeral, about 400 people filled the church. I conducted the service with Rev. Juan Simpson.  Elkin left behind a wife and five children, he was 39 years old.

Ministry is not always easy. As a missionary to one of the poorest countries on earth it is often about sharing in the hardships of the people you are serving. Please continue your prayers and financial support to the minister.